Rohit Sharma's tough lesson to Australia..!

India beat the Australian team by 24 runs in the Super 8 match of the t20 world cup cricket match, which has excited the fans. Australia's loss to afghanistan in the Super 8 round has put them in a must-win situation against India. In this environment, Australian players used to say that we would easily defeat India. Especially Mitchell Marsh, who arrogantly said that if we were going to beat a team, there was no better team than India.
And the Australian players were talking as if india is not a team for us. This is because india and australia played a multi-Test match in the final match of the 2023 50-over world cup cricket series. The Australian team won a huge victory in this.
In this situation, the indian team players played aggressively yesterday, realizing that if australia loses in the t20 world cup, there is a chance for the team to leave the series. But virat kohli immediately got out without scoring any runs in 5 balls. rishabh pant was out for 15 runs as india stumbled. But captain rohit sharma today made it clear why he is a champion player. rohit sharma proved with his batting that the title of a hitman was not given to him for nothing. rohit sharma used to play in a style where you bowled whatever you wanted and you were guaranteed to get smashed.
Rohit Sharma had the honor of being the indian player who scored the most centuries in t20 cricket. rohit sharma missed his sixth century by just 8 runs. rohit sharma scored 92 runs off 41 balls. It included 7 fours and 8 sixes. In the end suryakumar yadav and hardik pandya showed their action as india reached the Himalayan target of 25 runs.

Similarly, the Australian team also showed action, but they could not touch the target that stood as high as the Himalayas. With this, the indian team has won by 24 runs. Due to India's blow, the Australian team has now been forced to ask for prayers from Bangladesh. But, in today's match, afghanistan won against bangladesh and went into the semi-finals leaving behind Australia.

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