Irritating Biggboss Contestant..!? Many fans are annoyed..!?

 For the past six weeks, bigg boss season 6 has been running successfully. The interest in the house has increased as the number of people is decreasing. This week, Robert master has left the bigg boss house yesterday. In this case, most of the fans are posting that they are very irritated seeing that person. That is, her speech and actions have irritated too many people. They mean in yesterday's Kamal episode when they see one, a fan was talking about the friendship between Myna and Manikandan. But Task also they don't like them being friendly. In this, all get annoyed by Myna thinking that she is keeping everyone happy.
She has got a bad reputation for always arguing and sticking her nose into unnecessary problems. While she was away, she was passing the time by participating in some programs on Vijay TV. Now, she has entered the house unnecessarily and getting a big bulb now. She not only spoils but also keeps the people around her under her control and keeps them from playing. Due to this, everyone uniqueness is not coming out in the house.So fans are chanting that Myna should be kicked out of the bigg boss house first. So many people are saying that if Myna Nandini appears in this week's nomination, she will definitely leave. Let's wait and see if Myna gets a place in the nomination today.

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