Queen bee samantha Ruth Prabhu's ability to look gorgeous in any attire is one of her major selling points. Even though she scaled back on her skin-showing after getting married, the split gave her the opportunity to flash the sexiest outfit she's ever worn in the Oo Antava song. Additionally, she has now mastered the angelic style, whose poster is currently going viral worldwide.

Samantha recently shared a poster showing Shakuntala dressed glamorously to mark the start of the release of songs from Shaakuntalam. The stunning actress completely astonished spectators while sporting a white tube-like top and bottom wear, as well as those exquisitely adoring flowers on her wrist, biceps, and even in her loose hair.

Without a doubt, samantha is gradually reversing the pity that was directed at her once she disclosed that she had myositis. She not only appears stunning, but if she keeps wooing audiences with this incredible surprise until Shaakuntalam opens in theatres on february 17th, B&C centres are sure to have a blast. The actress is also fairly certain that Mani Sharma's entire album of music for this epic movie directed by mani sharma would be a hit.

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