Due to the fact that there was only one person managing the site's application programming interface, twitter crashed for millions of users, who reported a number of issues with the platform, including links not opening and photos not loading (API). A unexplained warning message stating that "your current API plan does not include access to this endpoint" appeared when visitors clicked on links. Moreover, images stopped loading, and some users reported being unable to access TweetDeck.

The web version of twitter was problematic for almost 85% of users, while the mobile app was problematic for 13%. The business acknowledged that "certain sections of twitter may not be operating as intended right now" in a tweet. "We made an internal modification that had some unforeseen implications," the company's help account tweeted. According to Platformer, the alteration was a component of a plan to end open access to the twitter API. twitter said last month that it will no longer provide free access to its API.

Third-party clients were eliminated, and the ability of outside researchers to examine the network was severely constrained. According to The Verge, the shift produced ripple effects across the organisation that caused several of Twitter's internal tools as well as the public-facing APIs to go offline. "A simple API update had tremendous ramifications," Musk wrote in a tweet on Tuesday. "Without cause, the code stack is extremely fragile. eventually require a complete revision, "He published. This year, at least six high-profile twitter outages have occurred as a result of Musk's mass firing of thousands of workers, including those in charge of APIs and coding.

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