Main Ladega: How did a boy from a middle-class family in kanpur become a hero? read the inspiring story of courage and courage

This Friday, among all the films in Hindi, English, and other languages, a youth film 'Main Ladega' by the new production house Kathakar Films is also being released. This film, made under the direction of director Gaurav Rana, is unique in many ways. The hero of the film is akash Pratap Singh, who had earlier won the hearts of the audience with his monologue in Neeraj Pandey's film 'Baby'. The story of the film is somewhat like his own and his actual story is somewhat like a film. Let us know...

Akash had just become an adult when one day he told his mother Anita Singh and boarded a train coming from kanpur to Mumbai. When Chhatrapati shivaji got down at Terminus here at night, his only acquaintance in the city did not pick up the phone, and his first night in mumbai was spent at the station itself. After some 12 years, akash Pratap Singh's first film as a hero 'Main Ladegais ready for release in theatres.

Akash, who studied school while staying in the war Memorial Hostel in Nashik, has woven his experiences of those days into his film. This film is the story of a student who is harassed a lot by the powerful students of the school and then one day he decides not to give in and says, 'I will fight'. Akash says that he had come to mumbai only with the blessings of his mother and grandmother. father Yogendra Pratap Singh, retired from the army, never wanted his son to go to mumbai to become a hero.

As soon as he came to mumbai, Akash was successful in his very first audition for Channel V's serial 'Gumrah'. However, he received his wages three months after deducting tax, but his car left here. He considers director Neeraj Pandey's film 'Baby' as his turning point, in which people remembered his small but very important role opposite Akshay Kumar.

Akash believes that the journey of people coming from outside without any film background is very difficult in Mumbai. But, he also says that if the intentions are strong and the courage is strong then success is achieved, the efforts should not stop. akash wants to come to kanpur soon and celebrate his film journey at the same Rama Devi intersection, where he spent so many days having fun.

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