After Farhad Samji's fantasy-action-comedy Housefull 4, pooja hegde may have been absent from the bollywood film industry, but the actress is getting ready to showcase her acting prowess in her upcoming movie Cirkus. Hegde is still crushing South, although she just had a setback after hurting her legs. pooja shared her healing process with the followers, and she is now gradually making a full recovery. Sadly, she can no longer walk.

The radhe shyam actress uploaded two videos of her rehabilitation process to her instagram stories on Thursday. In the first, pooja is shown taking baby steps with the assistance of a nurse and a walker. "Two weeks back," she wrote. I'm learning to walk for the second time in my life, and it's strange how my memory of how to do something I've done my entire life completely fails me! #FirstSteps."

Pooja was seen attempting to get out of bed in another video. Her nurse aids her in the activity. pooja wrote, "Fall down," for this one. Get back up and continuing moving toward standing up. pooja tore a ligament during filming for her bollywood movie, Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, a few months prior. pooja has posted images on instagram revealing the same information. As prescribed by her doctors, the actress has been resting at home for more than a month at this point.

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