A miracle of God: kerala Accident viral...

A woman working in the school fell down when the bus collided, but the driver's quickness saved her life. The wheel of the bus stopped just 5 inches from the woman's head, but her long hair got caught in the wheel. Because of this, it took hours to get her out from under the bus. people have called this incident a miracle of God.

Ambili works as a helper in the school bus

At Ithithanam Higher Secondary school in Chingavanam, adjacent to kottayam city in central kerala, 37-year-old K. Ambili works as an assistant. Ambili, a resident of Kurichi, has been assigned the duty of the school on the children's school bus. On monday evening, Ambili went in the bus to drop the children returning home from school. Near Puthanapalem, she was making a child cross the road after getting down from the school bus. Then a bus of kerala State Road Transport (KRCTC) came very fast and Ambili got hit by it. She collided with the bus and fell down, but the driver immediately applied the brake. Due to this, the front wheel of the bus stopped just 5 inches before Ambili's head.

Had to call a barber to get the hair cut

Ambili's life was saved, but her hair got badly entangled in the wheel of the bus. Earlier the local people kept trying to remove her hair from the wheel. This struggle went on for about an hour. During this, when Ambili talked about head injury and dizziness, people found the matter serious. After this a barber was called and Ambili's hair got entangled in the tire was cut. After this she was admitted to Chenganassery Taluk Hospital. There she was thoroughly examined, in which no serious injury was found on her body and she was discharged from the hospital. Ambili has described it as a second life for her. She also refused to give any complaint against the driver to the police.

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