Believe it or not, there are occasionally excellent tales being told in malayalam and tamil by well-known and creative filmmakers, but our heroes either reject them openly or never pursue them. The only explanation is that those films, which have two protagonists of comparable range, also happen to be multi-starrers.

This Friday, bollywood audiences will be treated to the hindi remake of the well-regarded tamil blockbuster "Vikram Vedha," starring hrithik roshan and Saif ali Khan. The telugu version of this particular movie was initially intended to begin approximately 3–4 years ago, but it never got off the ground. Initially, Raviteja approved this movie, but he is rumoured to have asked the producers to cast another hero or less well-known figure in the position of the police inspector rather than him. The proposal is claimed to have been rejected by directors Pushkar and gayathri since it would destroy the movie's core.

Then, nagarjuna agreed to play Madhavan's character, a police officer, in the film, but he later insisted that the script be changed so that his character would be stronger than the original. The vikram Vedha remake in telugu never gained traction because of all these creative egos, but now a major mega hero is rumoured to be interested in redoing it. The super hero will make a final decision regarding the remake after watching the hindi version on march 30. Keep checking back for updates.

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