This last week saw a 33% spike in tesla stock, making it the second highest weekly performance ever and the best since 2013. After falling 40% over the previous six months and 65% in 2022, the worst year in the company's history as a public company, the stock increased 11% on friday to close at $177.88.

A strong fourth-quarter earnings report, in which CEO Elon Musk outlined ambitions to perhaps create 2 million vehicles in 2023 and said that demand would support those sales, served as the catalyst for the rise. 1.8 million automobiles are the official forecast for the year from the corporation. Despite the latest price reductions, the corporation continues to aim for a long-term compound annual growth rate of 50%.

China is the second-largest market for tesla Inc.; in 2022, it will account for nearly two-thirds of all sales of electric vehicles worldwide. It is also where Tesla's main plant is located. Additionally, the market has welcomed electric vehicles and is crowded with competitors who compete on both price and style, such as Xpeng, Nio, and BYD Co Ltd. When asked about Tesla's rivals, Musk said he respected Chinese automakers and referred to the country as the most competitive market in the entire world. Musk made no specific mention of any Chinese automakers.

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