The leader of Janasena, Pawan Kalyan, made some sarcastic and nasty remarks towards ycp minister roja selvamani during the yuva Shakti Sabha in Srikakulam. For the sake of the populace, even stupid and useless people are abusing me, remarked Pawan. He joked, "I am getting hate from people like Diamond rani Roja also for trying to do good for my people. Even Roja is making comments about me. Chhiiii!

He won't be hurt if some fools disparage him, Pawan continued. When I was acting in movies, the same folks would kill to get a selfie with me. However, I welcome the animosity for the benefit of my people. Moreover, he made remarks about ycp Minister Ambati Rambabu, referring to him as Sambarala Rambabu. The YSRCP side has already begun counterattacks. "If I am Sambarala Rambabu, then you are Kalyanala Pawan," Ambati Rambabu posted.

As part of her attack on Pawan, Roja posted, "I won twice, and you lost twice. I continue to receive unfavourable feedback from you. Thu! I am enduring everything for the good of the people. If the Jana Sena party is elected to power in the general elections of 2024, andhra pradesh will be put on the path of development, according to Pawan Kalyan, and north Andhra would become the state's financial capital.

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