Devi Sri prasad and Thaman are two prominent tollywood composers who, in addition to being well-known for their songwriting, are also well-known for their background music. They both had fantastic blockbusters in their careers at any given time, but it appears that their work is waning and becoming more conventional these days. This is the plot.

First of all, everyone heralded Thaman as the next big thing following the phenomenal box office success of Akhanda. In addition to calling him the third hero of the movie after boyapati and Balayya, people began praising him as a maestro. And Thaman, who is blazing with BGMs for films like akhanda and Bheemla Nayak, has utterly let down music lovers—apart from a few instances where Veera simha Reddy appears. Other than two tracks, none of them are up to par.

Due only to Devi Sri Prasad's great creative genius, pushpa songs swiftly amassed hundreds of millions of views on YouTube after their release. Additionally, he rocked the movie's background music. Unfortunately, that special touch was absent from a lot of DSP's recent films. Even though the songs of Waltair Veerayya are appealing, Devi's background soundtrack never wowed, with the exception of the intermission block. This Sankranthi, DSP and Thaman, two prominent composers, have both failed in some fashion at the same time, although typically one of them succeeds. One wonders if their creative juices are not flowing for older heroes or not flowing in the right manner.

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