In Hyderabad, krishna Das (Vishwaksen) works as a waiter in a luxury hotel. Das and his friends are middle-class people who aspire to be prosperous. Das defrauds keerthi ( nivetha ) while acting like a rich spoiled brat. Sanjay Rudra (Vishwaksen), a lookalike of Das who heads a pharmaceutical company, claims to have discovered a cancer treatment. Dhanunjay (Ajay) and Sanjay battle over a transaction worth 10,000 crores. Das pretends to be Sanjay after a series of unfortunate events. What happens next is how Sanjay and Das cross one other's boundaries.

Das's character and role in the first half are well-done. Vishwaksen transitions into the position of a waiter with ease. If not new, the love story involving keerthi is packaged for sale. Viswaksen provides an average watch up until the intermission with his body language and youth-oriented discourse. As Das' sidekicks, hyper aadi and Mahesh provide much-needed comedic dialogue. Das is hired by rao ramesh to play the role of Sanjay to start the second half of the game. From this point forward, Vishwak overtries as a director. The director faces a double-edged sword with dual role movies. They have plenty of room to engage the audience, but occasionally their dual duties can cause confusion.

The Das Ka Dhamki script has a problem with too many turns, especially when Sanjay and Das' identities are eventually reversed. Excessive violence and excessive swearing may help draw in certain viewers, but they turn off a lot of people. Perhaps, the indian print media will suppress those statements. The pivotal climactic scene and post-titles scene also weren't very effective. Ultimately, Vishwak would have won the game if he had kept the second half's play basic.

Viswaksen performed a fantastic job as Das, but Sanjay's role didn't offer him much room to shine. As keerthi, nivetha does fine. The role of rao ramesh is incredibly uninteresting and predictable. Due to the high level of production qualities, viewers may believe they are witnessing a star-hero movie. The songs "Mawa Bro" and "Almost padipoyinde pillaa" work well when viewed on a screen.

Das Ka Dhamki is an ordinary dish for young people that makes other sections difficult to endure. Viswaksen performed admirably in the role of the hero but fell short in his capacity as a director. The second half was ruined by too many perplexing turns.

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