The tdp won all three of the graduate MLC elections, which was a major blow for YS Jagan. The groundwork has now been laid for a fresh round of MLC elections, in which MLAs will canvass the electorate. The tdp gained 23 seats in the state legislature, but four of them—Vallabhaneni Vamsi, Maddali Giri, Vasupalli Ganesh, and Karanam Balaram—were lost because of internal party strife. Currently, a party needs 22–23 mla seats to obtain an MLC seat. 

If tdp can persuade Anam Ramnarayana reddy and kotamreddy sridhar reddy, two renegade ycp MLAs, to join them, the number game would become quite fascinating. Then, Vasupalli Ganesh and Maddali Giri are rumored to be disgruntled with the YCP; if Chandrababu can win them over, the MLA-elected MLC elections will become much more exciting. According to the most recent information, jagan has given each of his ministers and trustworthy legislators 22 MLAs. Their responsibility is to ensure that all MLAs support ycp MLC candidates. 

This alone shows that the ruling party is anxious about how to conduct the MLC elections. Another blunder here will create the ideal environment for TDP's victory in the upcoming elections. It seems that the ycp recently attempted to hold fictitious elections in the assembly, but all four failed. ycp is now concerned about how the polls will be run tomorrow as a result. Therefore, there is a good likelihood that ap politics will have another exciting day.

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