The release of Nani's dasara is the following week, and the movie has received more excitement than any other nani project ever had. Thanks to Nani's forceful remarks, strong marketing effort, and national events. The movie's buzz has been boosted by the trailer, and it is expected to have a strong debut not only in Telugu-speaking areas but also in the US market. The movie, which will be released on march 30 in several languages, is planned to be a pan-Indian production.

The team plans certain pre-release events before the cast and crew travel to various locations to promote the movie. After that, interviews with online and offline media are conducted, and the telugu movie is ready to be seen by the public. The team must plan numerous events for pan-Indian films, not just in Telugu-speaking states but also in other state capitals like Chennai, Bangalore, and Mumbai. The crew then starts making some outrageous comments about their movie to attract media attention in order to connect with the audience in the other language.

When promoting a movie in multiple languages, the cast and crew are unable to keep making the same claim. In their desperation to provide fresh material for reviews, the cast and crew unwittingly begin making frivolous claims and pumping up the hype for the movie. When nani initially began promoting dasara in the Telugu-speaking states, he stated that they had created a film that they were proud of. Then he began contrasting it with kgf and Kantara. In his most recent statement to Mirchi9, he claimed that dasara will cause widespread pandemonium in the theaters.

There won't be a problem if dasara lives up to the anticipation and delivers on the material. However, if it doesn't live up to the audience's expectations, it could have a negative impact. Let's hope dasara lives up to expectations and supports Nani's claims made throughout his national promotional tour for the movie.

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