Today's PM Modi Speech, about Make in india to the Nation: narendra Modi, the prime minister of india, delivered a speech to the country. During this time, the prime minister commended India's vaccination campaign, saying, "100 crore vaccine dosage is not just a number; this reflects the country power". 

This is the image of a new india that understands how to set difficult goals, achieve them, and work hard to keep its promises.

There was a time when Made in this country meant Made in another country, but today, Made in india is proving its worth. Made in india has enormous laurels. Purchasing items created by indians and advocating for the local economy are all things that we must put into practice. 

We should insist on buying everything created in india, everything that indians make, and this will only be achievable with everyone's help. Last Diwali, everyone was tense, but this Diwali, everyone is hopeful because of the 100 crore vaccination doses.

"We need to focus on the products of the labor of the indian people. Experts in india and abroad have been commenting very well on the indian economy. Today, the not only investment is coming to indian companies but also new job opportunities are being created for the youth.

Wherever we look now there is only hope in India. In this country before, there were only Dream lines that were created by just words, but today everyone is talking about ‘Made in India’. We must give prominence to the products of the labour of the indian people. 

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