Farmer Datta Pehelwan (Sachin Khedekar) sells his farm, throws a lavish wedding for his daughter, and ends up as a security guard on his own property. Worse, he is ejected without warning and relocates to pune city to work as a hamaal, or market worker. rahul (Aayush Sharma), his son, stands by with a smirk and a swear: the scowl because he'd rather get a whole thali with dessert than the lowly half-roti his dad sweats for. He swears that one day he'll tether the proprietor to two bullocks and force him to plough the field, humiliating him in the same way he humiliated his dad.

Rajveer Singh (Salman Khan), the Sardar in khaki uniform, is observing rahul saunter down the criminal path. By portraying heroine Manda (Mahima Makwana) as a feisty chaiwali in the bazaar, filmmaker Mahesh v Manjrekar gives modern social chaiwala a gendered twist. Antim has highpoints that keep spectator attention alive virtually the entire way, despite its never-before-seen boldness, far too many criminals and netas on the loose, the excessive length, and the many murders that could have been decreased in quantity.

Manda's battle with rahul in the bazaar is high-energy, as are several of the well-choreographed action sequences, including the customary shirtless clashes between salman and Aayush. This is how it goes: rahul proclaims that she is his because he's already slept with her, regardless of how he handles her father. Commercial appeal can be seen in the music (Ravi Basrur, hitesh Modak) and photography (Karan B Rawat). The relationship drama is created by Rahul's choice of crime and money against his dad, mom, and sister's morality. With a crime-doesn't-pay climax that comes with its own spin.

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