Rounding is a frightening, albeit flawed, sophomore picture from Saint Frances director Alex Thompson. The movie has everything a great psychological thriller should have. It can certainly be profoundly moving, interesting, and unsettling, but the way it is executed prevents it from accomplishing what it eventually aims to. A plot that could have gone wildly off course is given nuanced drama by Thompson, who co-wrote the script with christopher Thompson. Rounding ultimately fails to do all that it sets out to do, despite the lead actor's strong performance and an intriguing character development.

An assisted suicide by one of james Hayman's patients is the subject of the television show Rounding. She wants it, but at the last minute she changes her mind, leaving james to pass out from the shock of what had happened when she has a heart attack and passes away. james returns to his job after taking a long leave of absence, but he asks to be transferred to a hospital in a small town so that he can complete his residency there. When he gets there, Dr. Emil Harrison takes him under his wing, and he soon develops a crush on Helen, an asthmatic who has just gone through a serious attack. james is concerned there is something more terrible going on with her health and begins researching into it after meeting with her and reviewing her charts.

The emphasis on james is an area in which Rounding shines. The medical intern can't help but have the impression that something is wrong with Helen, but because he is focusing so much on her, he neglects to look after himself, which sends him into a downward spiral. His condition reflects the enormous stress that the locals are experiencing; after all, they are under a great deal of strain. james deeply cares about his patient, and he frequently expresses surprise and annoyance when the doctors and residents don't appear to share this concern.

There are benefits to rounding, no doubt. James' journey from beginning to end is fascinating as is the analysis of james as a person who is intense, caring, and hyper-focused. The film's conclusion offers answers, but they aren't as fulfilling as the filmmakers had hoped because the broader plot wasn't handled as well as James' character. Even while the story's major themes don't blend together perfectly or intelligently in Rounding, the tiny things tend to have the biggest impact.

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