Collecting Rs 50–60 crores for any other movie with a flop top is becoming to be a difficult feat. At this point, Brahmstra, the newest film starring Ranbir Kapoor, has achieved the unfathomable despite the odds in the form of unfavourable reviews, boycott demands, and criticism. Despite receiving unfavourable reviews, the movie impressed the viewers, and this is evidence of the mania.

With only middling buzz, Brahmstra was able to generate approximately 360 crores from all of its international releases. Even though the figures slightly differ because some industry insiders claimed the movie only made 320 crores, that is still a significant sum. The producers would most likely easily receive 170+ crores from this gross revenue as their "part". This is a major accomplishment, we must admit, for a movie that received 2 to 2.5 stars from the majority of reputable critics and had some viewers criticising it on Day 1 for the weak effort.

All things considered, the general public who have seen the film feel that the plot, which centres on the Astras given to sages in mythical times and a modern person attempting to prevent them from falling into the hands of evildoers, is powerful content that serves as a reminder of our roots in Hindu culture and ancient history.

Even though the production companies Disney and dharma productions are unconcerned about it, trade analysts do claim that the movie needs to earn anything beyond 800 crores in order to be a secure investment for the makers. On the other side, hindi filmmakers are pleased to finally have a big bollywood hit after a long time, even though Brahmstra only won half the race.

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