india was one of the 34 nations that voted against condemning russia for invading ukraine in the UN general assembly in March. china also chose not to vote. The US and its allies in the west put a lot of pressure on New delhi to denounce the invasion and either stop buying Russian oil or not increase its purchases because doing so would allow moscow to withstand the economic sanctions put in place to force it to terminate the conflict and leave Ukraine.

India took no action. Prior to last week. In public statements prior to their private meeting in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, on the margins of the shanghai Cooperation Organization's summit, prime minister Modi informed Putin that "the age of war is over." That went considerably further than India's "deep sorrow" at the deaths of civilians in Bucha, ukraine, and its appeal for honouring the UN charter, which safeguards the sovereignty and integrity of all members of the organisation. A senior white house official sent to New delhi for these talks lost his temper due to US displeasure with India's failure to denounce russia and cease buying oil from it. india has received his "consequences" warning.

"I've been quite explicit on India; in my opinion, india should be denouncing Putin and should stop importing oil from either china or Russia. We must mobilise the entire world to isolate Putin "Days following the UN general assembly vote, Khanna made a statement on Fox News.

Khanna continued by saying that india needed to decide between the US and Russia. "In the UN, india should first denounce Putin for his flagrant abuses of human rights. He continued, "We, the United States, were with them when china attacked India. Second, they need to realise that they must choose sides. Putin stayed away. And this is the moment for them to get armaments from America rather than Russia. We must consider how we might facilitate and simplify that. In the end, we require india as an ally to contain China."

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