The creators of Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan have removed numerous shots of gorgeous siren deepika padukone from the song "Besharam Rang," in which she disrobed in an orange bikini, following the eruption of numerous controversies. We must admit that the uproar greatly aided Pathaan because it has since subsided and the producers have reduced her images by 80% and still it manages to get the loudest cheer from the audience. This is why.

In fact, if the filmmakers had chosen to use those images of deepika padukone in the orange bikini, right-wingers would have undoubtedly suffered more after the publication. This is due to the fact that she portrayed Pakistani doctor Dr. Rubai Mohsin in the film Pathaan. Cutting those graphics definitely lessened all the debate, which would have caused more harm after the publication.

On the other hand, deepika also looked very stunning during the movie's action scenes. However, many people are perplexed as to why yash Raj Films feels the need to cast every espionage movie heroine as a Pakistani agent. Since most of her recent films failed to find an audience, both in theatres and on streaming services, deepika has finally managed to score a successful movie.

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