Even if it is only the beginning, it appears that bollywood has finally had a minute to catch its breath as a hindi film has once again reached the top. For the kind of excitement it is experiencing worldwide, Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan had the greatest openings, as was to be expected. And because it is so high, the movie has now surpassed even the record set by kgf 2. As of right now, kgf 2 is the highest-grossing film in bollywood on Day 1 thanks to its 54+ crores in the hindi version. In the intervening period, SRK's Pathaan has brought in an additional crore to reach the same total.

The hindi version of the film alone brought in more than 55 crores net in India. war (51+ Cr) and Thugs of Hindostan (50+ Cr) are the films that come after. Pathaan showed off its strength despite being issued on a non-holiday day, and trade analysts anticipate that the second day's earnings will surpass those of the first day due to the public holiday (Jan 26). The south, however, did not do as well for Pathaan, with telugu and tamil versions only contributing to more about 2 crores net on Day 1. Unquestionably, this is the biggest Hindi-language movie in recent memory and Bollywood's first blockbuster in 2023.

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