Michael dreams of being a powerful gangster when he grows older. He joins a gang as predicted after a certain age. Michael is raised by Guru (Gowtham Menon), a mobster in mumbai (Sandeep Kishan). Michael flees to delhi to exact revenge after saving Guru from the rival gang. In delhi, Michael runs into Theera (Divyansha) Guru's daughter, and defends her from thugs. Theera develops feelings for Michael. Michael discovers the assailant and unearths an unexpected discovery. The plot takes a turn, and there is an intermission. The second half focuses entirely on Michael's success in love as well as his gangster fantasies.

The director attempted a KGF-style narrative, but it was unpopular with the audience. Michael features a captivating 90s setting, amazing visuals, and brilliant BGM moments. The central component of "narrative," however, lacks a comparable punch and leaves much to be desired.

In recent years, criminality has increasingly taken center stage in films. Directors are able to include an action that appeals to more people by choosing the criminal genre. However, director Ranjith Jayakodi was careful not to give away too much of the plot by presenting simply the characters in the trailer, giving us a taste of the type of movie we are going to witness as soon as Michael's video was released. It was good in some ways but failed to live up to the film's expectations in others.

Without spending any time setting up the plot, Michael's film dives right in. It was a little exhilarating at first, but the thrill was short-lived after a few scenes. This film has some unnecessary language and prolonged scenes, which makes it feel a little off until the intermission. Before the intermission, the film generated some interest with a clever twist; nevertheless, the second half of the film loses that interest due to some pointless scenes. The action dose grows as the story nears its climax, leaving us unfulfilled.

Sundeep Kishan's acting is superficial and so does the female lead Divyansha Kaushik. But, the big surprise is anasuya as she is the worst and we wonder how she manages to get chances despite her poor acting skills. Vijay Sethupathi, gautam Menon, Varalaxmi are short lived and have nothing much to do here.

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