Twelve days have passed since Nara lokesh, the son of telugu desam party general secretary and party president N Chandrababu Naidu, started his much-hyped padayatra from kuppam in the chittoor region. The padayatra of lokesh, known as "Yuva Galam" (voice of youth), crossed kuppam and entered the assembly constituencies of Palamaneru and Chittoor. It will travel through chittoor on Tuesday.

For the first week, there was a lot of excitement surrounding the lokesh Padayatra, and the tdp officials were jubilant with the public's "reaction." However, it is later reported that the padayatra had lost its momentum. local tdp leaders are reportedly having difficulty getting people to attend lokesh padayatra and his gatherings, but there hasn't been a spontaneous response from them.

The party officials have been instructed to ensure that there is a respectable turnout for the meetings because even the local tdp cadres are not overly enthused about attending lokesh sessions. There isn't much excitement among the attendees because lokesh isn't a crowd pleaser, according to a local chittoor reporter. Second, lokesh lacks his father's verbal finesse, and his dialogues lack the impact necessary to draw audiences. He is trying to modulate his voice like his father, but it is not very endearing. Most of the time, he repeats the same speech, the reporter added.

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