Obviously anticipating a response from the party, the four MLAs who were expelled from the ysr congress party for allegedly casting a cross-vote in favour of the tdp candidate in the MLC elections. Mekapati chandrasekhar reddy, an udayagiri mla, attempted to justify himself, claiming he hadn't committed any errors. He added, "I swear to god that I did not vote for the tdp candidate in defiance of the party line.

He claimed that the party had requested that he cast his vote for Jayamangala Venkataramana, the designated candidate, and that he had complied. chandrasekhar reddy said that "someone" had misinformed the party leadership about his cross-voting. However, the mla claimed that he was relieved to have been expelled from the party. "I will undoubtedly win my seat again if the people support me and my work. The public will comprehend me, and my conscience is clear," he assured them.

The udayagiri mla demanded to know whether the YSRC leadership would swear to god to support their claims in response to Sajjala ramakrishna Reddy, the party general secretary and government advisor, who claimed that he had taken $20 million from tdp President N Chandrababu Naidu. According to chandrasekhar reddy, the deity would punish people who engaged in excess.

Chief minister Y S jagan Mohan reddy and others may have to endure public humiliation as a result of some party leaders, he warned. The mla claimed that the party's senior command was fostering groupthink in his district.

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