Tamil cinema and Super Heroes never work out at any time as we have seen lots of heroes failing miserably. Hip Hop aadhi is the latest to join the bandwagon and he has broken the streak. 'Veeran' is a template superhero movie where the hero gets superpowers after lightning strikes him. He also has the ability to control the mind for about 60 seconds. A corporate Villain tries to grab land and how Veeran saves the village forms the rest of the story.

ARK Saravanan who made a huge impression with 'Maragatha Naanayam' makes a comeback with Veeran after 5 long years and the expectations were soaring higher. But, if you compare 'Veeran' with his earlier work you will be disappointed. Hip Hop aadhi is full of energy and he scores a lot. His body language in fight scenes has worked out so well. The Background score deserves a special mention. Vinay hardly appears in the movie despite being the main villain.

The biggest drawback would be the female lead as she looks elder than aadhi in several scenes. Munishkanth and kaali venkat are the two pillars who carry the entire movie with their comical timing. In fact, until the climax they shoulder the movie, or else the movie would have been stuck somewhere else. The songs aren't catchy enough and glad the movie has only two songs. The famous 'Minnal Veeran' song was not used in the movie at all.

Overall, This Veeran will Impress you for sure!

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