ISRO Chief gave a big update regarding Chandrayaan-3!!!

The Chandrayaan-3 lunar mission's lander vikram and rover Pragyan have not yet sent a signal, according to the indian space research organisation (ISRO), despite ISRO's efforts to get in touch with them. are known to exist. Earlier this month, the rovers Pragyan and Lander vikram were placed in "sleep mode." S. somnath, the director general of isro, spoke about Chandrayaan-3. S somnath declared that the data to date have satisfied him. In an interview, he stated, "The team is pleased with the data obtained from all the research equipment that was installed in Chandrayaan-3. Testing of data is ongoing. This could take a long time.

What did the isro Chief say?

Chandrayaan-2 was a significant lesson, according to the isro Chief. This assisted us in figuring out what went wrong. He claimed that we were unable to conduct thorough testing on the site prior to Chandrayaan-2.

What is the update regarding Chandrayaan-3?

On the 'X' social media platform, isro announced that efforts to get in touch with the lander and rover would go on. isro has attempted to restart the lander and rover so they can carry out scientific investigations as the Moon's sun rises by regaining communication with them. Earlier this month, just before the Moon, the only natural satellite of Earth, went to sleep, the lander and the rover were switched into sleep mode. Their receivers were still turned on, though.

What did isro say?

The lander and the rover were both put into sleep mode as the temperature dropped to between minus 120 and 200 degrees Celsius, according to Nilesh Desai, director of ISRO's Space Applications Centre. We anticipate that the solar panels and other equipment will be fully charged by september 22 in time for the moon's sunrise, at which point we will attempt to turn on both the lander and the rover.

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