SC Constituency gangadhara nellore in Ummadi chittoor District. ycp leader and minister Narayana Swamy is representing from here. But this time he gave the ticket to his daughter. With this, Kripalakshmi.. is here in the ring. father image.. jagan is rushing in her campaign with schemes. Competition from rival parties is usually fierce. You have to swim for it. Krupa lakshmi is ready for this too.

But, the situation is not as expected. Because now she is facing difficulties as her main opponent is her own son-in-law. Realizing this, Narayana Swamy said that the party cadre should cooperate with his daughter Krupa lakshmi, saying that he is no longer a father, elder brother, younger brother. The party cadre was also entrusted with the responsibility of winning the daughter. Moreover... he is going from house to house saying that his daughter, who never came out, has come for the people.

However.. Narayana Swamy's younger sister's son ramesh babu is now giving tough competition. He has recently joined the congress and party president YS sharmila Gangadhara has given him the nellore ticket. With this, he entered the field himself. In fact, Ramesh, who worked for the victory of Narayana Swamy in the last election, contested for the first time. Moreover, as a person who followed Narayana Swami, he knows all the pitfalls and weaknesses and is taking steps in that direction.

Ramesh is influencing all the ycp leaders and workers in the constituency. As mentioned above, after Narayanaswamy, Ramesh led the party workers at the same level. Ramesh Babu, who used to ask the leaders for any work till yesterday, is now taking them under his wing. With this, Narayana Swamy's daughter fell into trouble. Actually, no matter what the word of her victory is. So Swami is going from house to house. We have to see to what extent they will succeed.

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