Did balakrishna push actress Anjali..!? Viral Video..!!

Actor balakrishna, who participated in the promotion of Gangs of Godavari, has been involved in a controversy over actress Anjali. balakrishna is a leading mass hero in the telugu film industry. Even at the age of 63, he has a huge fan base in Andhra Pradesh. Logic has no use in his films as the fans there enjoy whatever he does. balakrishna has done many atrocities in films like stopping a train with a single finger, kicking a car, and sending it back.
Because of this, his films are getting trolled on the internet. Apart from this, balakrishna is often embroiled in various controversies. Actress Vichitra, who participated in the 7th season of the recently concluded tamil Bigg Boss show, created a sensation by openly saying that she faced the problem of sexual harassment while acting in the film bala Krishna. In this situation, controversy has erupted that the actress has been violated. Anjali, Nasser, Neha Shetty, and Vishwag Sen are acting in the telugu film Gangs of Godavari. Actor balakrishna attended the event as a special guest.

Then some video footage was released and went viral saying that he had brought alcohol in a water bottle. Similarly, scenes of balakrishna pushing actress Anjali, who was standing nearby on the stage, are also out. Seeing this, the netizens are condemning balakrishna for violating the actress on stage. Some are also insisting that action should be taken against him.

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