Is amaravati a platform for Vision 2047..?

- CBN is not a name.. it's a brand.
- amaravati as a platform for Vision 2047.
- Development of Andhra capital to resemble the capital of gods.

Chandra Babu will rule the state of andhra pradesh as the head of amaravati, the capital of Andhra Pradesh. Now all eyes are on the capital Amaravati. Andhra people are curious to see how Chandrababu will develop amaravati in the next 5 years. Chandrababu is a good visionary leader. Because of such a great leader, today a city named hyderabad has become world famous. CBN placed hyderabad at the top. There is no doubt that Babu will make amaravati, the capital of andhra pradesh, a top city as well. Moreover, Chandrababu is a leader like a wounded lion who will surely develop amaravati this time. amaravati means the city of gods according to our mythology. Chandrababu made a bracelet to build the capital of andhra pradesh to resemble such a city of gods. Work on it started in 2014.
But after Chandrababu's defeat in 2019, amaravati works were not done in jagan Mohan Reddy's government. The people of all the states in the country also ridiculed the Andhras for not having a capital. Now that Chandrababu has come to power, the people of Andhra are hoping that amaravati will develop hyderabad like no other. Surely chandrababu naidu will develop amaravati to make every telugu proud. It may be late now, but amaravati is certain to become a powerful capital in the country in the future. Only Chandrababu can do that. Because Chandrababu is a brand. Chandrababu is credited with making hyderabad a world famous city. So definitely Babu will develop amaravati very fast. amaravati will definitely be the stage for Vision 2047. It will be possible only with Chandrababu Naidu.

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