Four high-ranking police officials have been charged by the city police in a court case related to the high-profile phone-tapping scandal that occurred in telangana during the previous Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) government. Many people have been horrified by the unlawful snooping case as it has emerged that activists and political figures in the state have been the target of illegal espionage.
The defendants in the case, according to the hyderabad police, are D Praneeth Rao, Deputy Superintendent of police, Bhujanga Rao, Tirupathanna, and Radha Kishan Rao, a former Deputy Commissioner of police (Task Force). They are accused of unlawfully listening in on the phones of opposition members and activists, including revanth Reddy, the chief minister of telangana today, who was the state congress president at the time and was part of the opposition.

The entire scandal surrounding the unlawful monitoring of SIB officers' phones surfaced after the congress defeated the BRS administration in december of last year in the telangana Assembly elections. An official started deleting evidence after the new administration took office, and a complaint was filed in march, bringing the issue to light.
Additionally, the hyderabad police filed charges against two people who had escaped: veteran journalist sravan KUMAR' target='_blank' title='sravan kumar-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>sravan kumar and former Special Intelligence Bureau (SIB) chief prabhakar Rao. The Punjagutta police filed a case on march 10 and the investigation started at that time. 17 computers' hard drives that were used to eavesdrop on politicians, businesspeople, judges, bureaucrats, and journalists were damaged by DSP Praneeth Rao.

Investigators have also uncovered some unclear information as a result of their investigation into the phone-tapping case. According to telangana police authorities, a policeman who was tasked with tapping phones during the previous Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) administration reportedly blackmailed and victimized several women.
According to sources, a constable stationed in nalgonda had overheard the phone conversations of over forty ladies and had proceeded to victimize and blackmail them. Since he was linked to a senior police officer in the nalgonda area, where a facility was put up to tap the phones of certain politicians, no action was taken against him. Senior police officers, including a former Deputy Commissioner of police, have been detained thus far in the investigation.

In addition, on May 28, congress Member of Legislative from Achampet Vamshi krishna wrote to the telangana Director General of police (DGP) alleging that Special Intelligence Branch (SIB) agents had bugged his phone at the behest of an ex-MLA. He said that there was surveillance in place for other members of his constituency.


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