Like Hanuman to Ram..! That one behind Pawan?

- Nadendla strongly believed in Pawan's agenda.
- Nadendla gave a guarantee that he was there in every difficulty.
- He is the next boss of janasena after Pawan.

Many people doubted whether Pawan Kalyan, who left films and came to the masses and founded the Jana Sena party, would be successful. There are many people who think that Pawan has no scene as he has been losing consecutive elections. But now that Pawan Kalyan, who thought he could not excel in politics, suddenly became a kingmaker in ap politics. In the recently held assembly elections, he contested in 21 seats and won huge victories in all places with 100% strike rates. He somehow made everyone understand that he would become an unstoppable political leader with his first victory.
 But this victory for the janasena party did not come by chance. pawan kalyan has faced many insults, many criticisms, and many difficulties since the party was founded. There were many leaders who joined the janasena party and eventually got cheated by pawan kalyan and migrated to another party. Even in difficult times like this, like Hanuman to Rama, Pawan is supported in difficult times. He is Nadendla Manohar. In 2004 and 2009, he contested from tenali in the guntur district from the congress party and won as MLA. Nadendla also held the post of Deputy Speaker in the Congress. But he stayed away from politics for some years after the partition of the state.

 As a result, everyone thought that he would join either tdp or YCP, which was in form then, but unexpectedly, he joined the janasena party in 2018 in the presence of Pawan. If he wants, he can go to another party, there are chances of contesting as an mla candidate and winning. They stood by him even in difficult times.  In 2019, Nadendla and pawan kalyan contested from Jana Sena in the ap assembly elections and lost. Only one mla from that party won. That mla also ultimately cheated Jana Sena and stood for YSP. Even at such a time, Nadendla Pawan was there. There is no doubt that if there is any boss after pawan kalyan in janasena, it is Nadella. In the recently concluded assembly elections, Nadendla not only contested from tenali and got a great victory but also got the post of minister.

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