Hyderabad Metro rail Limited (HMRL) Managing director NVS reddy stressed the need for continuous metro services during the current monsoon and gave top engineers advice to remain vigilant and continuously check operations.
During a review meeting, he expressed his gratitude to the officials for their pre-monsoon procedures and requested that they carry out an additional passenger awareness campaign outlining the dos and don'ts. According to a press statement, viaducts and rainwater pipes were cleaned, all expansion joints were thoroughly inspected, and all expansion joints were sealed.

In addition to routine tree trimming around metro lines, billboards were taken down. Additionally, clamps were used to fix the metro stations' roof sheets to keep them from coming off during strong winds and rain. In cooperation with the TGSPDCL, plans were finalized to swiftly transition to alternative electric feeders since a steady supply of electricity is essential. train services wouldn't be disrupted as a result.
L&T Metro rail Hyderabad Limited Managing director KVB reddy guaranteed that they, together with operations and maintenance provider Keolis, would maintain uninterrupted train services with monsoon safety procedures, stating that passenger safety and comfort are non-negotiable. As continuous electricity supply is vital, arrangements to immediately switch over to alternate electric feeders were completed in coordination with the TGSPDCL.

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