Bye Bye Pakistan..!! indian fans hit back..!?

In terms of the t20 world cup, pakistan team is a more successful team than India. In the last t20 world cup 2022 held in Australia, the pakistan team was on the verge of exiting the series after losing against india and Zimbabwe. Rohit's challenge but due to other favorable match results the pakistan team unexpectedly reached the final and lost to England. The indian team, which was expected to win the t20 world cup, lost to england in the semi-finals. In this situation, Pakistani fans were creating a meme saying bye-bye to india as if the indian team players were carrying their belongings at the airport. Now after two years, the pakistan team has been eliminated in the first round of t20 world cup 2024 again, leaving the fans of the team disappointed. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the indian players are now teasing by using memes against Pakistan. Bye-bye, pakistan, Babar Azam is going to the airport by posting memes. Indian fans have now responded to what Pakistani fans did two years ago. While the pakistan team came to the t20 world cup with various preparations, now they are forced to exit from the first round. It is seen as the biggest disappointment of the ongoing world cup series. This is the first time the American team has qualified for the Super 8 round.

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