A separate rule for england alone? ICC's double role?

 The t20 world cup cricket series england vs Nambia match was not called off due to rain and the incident of violation of ICC rules has shocked the fans. This has affected the success of various teams. Although there was no rain during the match between india and Canada, the ICC abandoned the match in the 90th minute saying that the pitch was wet. The main match against the USA and ireland was not started due to rain. ICC waited for 210 minutes to start this match. It then canceled the match. As a result, the USA team got 5 points and qualified for the Super 8 round. Due to this, the pakistan team left the series. England's match against namibia was also very important in this situation. If only this match had been abandoned, england would have been out of the series. scotland will qualify for the Super 8 round. But the ICC waited a long time to hold the tournament so that the defending champions england would not leave the series. The fans accused the ICC of violating the rules and not canceling the match for more than 210 minutes. This reduced the game to 10 overs and the match was played. In this, the england team beat namibia and now they have 5 points. Fans have complained that the ICC held the tournament to prevent england from leaving due to rain. Similarly, the fans are asking why the ICC canceled the match in a hurry without waiting for some time for other important matches.

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