The trade and fans are getting excited about NTR's much-awaited big-screen comeback with Devara: Part 1. Currently in production is this intense action drama starring janhvi kapoor and saif ali khan in opposing roles. The box office was preparing for a steady stream of major pan-Indian releases, including kalki 2898 AD in June, pushpa 2 in August, and Devara in September, following a protracted period of tedium.

But since pushpa 2 has been delayed until December, there will be a long time between kalki 2898 AD and Devara. Devara may benefit from this gap. pushpa 2's postponement has also given small- and medium-budget films from a variety of sectors a chance to hit theatres between July and mid-September.
Given the last-minute notification from the pushpa team, it is still unclear if these films will be able to finish their filming and post-production. If not, it may be another lackluster box office season. When Devara opens in theatres in September, people will be itching for an epic cinematic experience. Devara may profit from the dry season as it will satiate the public's need for a huge picture.
 Devara may benefit from this expectation, which might lead to a significant opening in telugu and other languages. Furthermore, indications indicate that Devara's economic prospects are improving as a result of the significant difference between Devara and kalki 2898 AD. Devara is expected to break even in the telugu states at about 130 crores of share, but in Hindi, it would require about 60 crores of share (or 100 crore net) to be deemed successful.

If all goes according to plan and Devara has good word-of-mouth, the movie might become a huge blockbuster and surpass the 450 crore mark in global box office receipts. To put it briefly, pushpa 2's postponement may work to Devara's advantage by satisfying the public's desire for a big-screen extravaganza and possibly propelling the movie to unprecedented heights of success.

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