pawan kalyan is holding a key position in AP..!!

* Winning as mla for the first time.
* Position of Deputy Speaker.
* Ability to rotate the wheel in Centre, AP.

In the background of the formation of the coalition government in the state of andhra pradesh, it can be said that more momentum has come in the janasena party than anyone else. The party workers and leaders are also full of enthusiasm. Apart from the alliance coming to power in ap, pawan kalyan winning as mla for the first time created new enthusiasm in the party. In the 2019 elections, Pawan Kalyan, who contested two seats, lost badly. However, pawan kalyan once again showed by winning in ap that he should stand where he fell without going down. This time, contesting from the pithapuram constituency wisely. pawan kalyan won as mla with a majority of 70,000 votes. Apart from winning as an mla, Jana Sena chief pawan kalyan also took oath as Deputy chief minister of Andhra Pradesh.
Apart from being the Deputy chief minister of ap, janasena chief pawan kalyan is also going to take charge as the minister of panchayat Raj, Rural Development, Environment, Forest, Science and technology of Andhra Pradesh. It means that pawan kalyan is holding a key position in AP. Pawan Kalyan, who founded the Jana Sena party in the year 2014, experienced many hardships, challenges, and insults. After exactly ten years, Jana Sena leader pawan kalyan rose to rule the state of Andhra Pradesh. pawan kalyan not only got ministerial posts for himself but also gave ministerial posts to two others.

Besides, in the future, pawan kalyan is taking steps towards making all the leaders who worked hard for the party, partners in the government. Winning 100 percent of MLAs also brought good momentum to the Jana Sena party. In the future, the victory of the alliance helped the Jana Sena to take steps to become the largest party in AP. janasena leaders are very happy that if this momentum continues, pawan kalyan is guaranteed to be the chief minister of andhra pradesh in the future.

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