Due to the prolonged heatwave and decreased rainfall in some telangana districts, tomato prices in hyderabad are creeping up near Rs 100 per kg. Tomatoes are currently offered for between Rs 80 and Rs 90 per kilogram.

Why are tomato prices surging in Hyderabad?
Dealers claim that Telangana's extreme heat and lack of rainfall are to blame for the spike in tomato and other vegetable costs. Some people think that until the end of July, prices will stay high.

Rainfall in Hyderabad
Despite Hyderabad's so-far regular rainfall during the 2024 southwest monsoon, several telangana areas are experiencing insufficient amounts of precipitation.
It's mostly lacking in Mancherial.
Many telangana areas have temperatures that range from 35 to 40 degrees Celsius.
Whether the impending telangana monsoon rains will result in lower tomato prices in hyderabad is still to be determined. ome traders believe that the prices will continue to remain high until the end of July.

Individual tomatoes now cost more than Rs. 5 in hyderabad and Secunderabad, where tomato prices have skyrocketed to Rs. 80–90 per kg in stores. Problems with the supply chain and seasonal factors influencing vegetable costs in the area are blamed for this increase.

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