In the government and local body schools, just 70,116 students were accepted into Class I during the final professor Jayashankar Badi Bata (admissions campaign) for the 2024–2025 academic year. It is believed that fewer students are enrolled now than were accepted during the previous year's admissions push.

As of june 12, 2023, the day the schools reopened, 1,46,824 pupils had been accepted to Class I; for the academic year 2023–2024, there were 1,95,820 admissions.
The congress administration's ongoing initiatives to promote and transfer teachers appear to have had an impact on the number of students enrolling in Class I at government and local body schools.
It is understood that not much attention was paid to the admission drive, which affected all enrolments in government and local body schools, as instructors and representatives of the school education department were preoccupied with the transfers and promotions procedure that started on june 8.

However, department officials expected chief minister A revanth reddy to take part in "Badi Bata" to increase the enrollment campaign. The chief minister refrained from participating in the drive, nevertheless.
The admission campaign did not provide the expected outcomes, despite the participation of Deputy chief minister Bhatti Vikramarka and Ministers Ponguleti srinivas Reddy, Damodara raja Narasimha, Ponnam Prabhakar, Konda Surekha, Jupally Krishna, Seethakka, and Komatireddy venkat Reddy.

Additionally, the department has developed a novel admission campaign this time around, asking parents to enroll their kids in government schools to save between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 1.5 lakh annually as opposed to paying for private education. The initiative claims that children's higher education may be funded with the saved money. However, this seems to have not attracted parents.
Even though the major enrollment campaign is over, authorities anticipate a sharp increase in applications because admissions will still be accepted through the final week of September.

Schools have been encouraged to identify children who are five years old and older through door-to-door campaigns as part of the "Badi Bata" initiative and enrol them in Class I at the local primary schools.
Teachers have been urged to identify school-age and out-of-school children, dropouts, never-enrolled children, and long absentees with the assistance of SHGs and enrol them in the schools in addition to admitting eligible Anganwadi children.
Up to the final count on Thursday, 18,50,400 pupils received their uniforms and 20,98,099 kids received textbooks. Additionally, thus far 11,65,748 children have gotten notebooks, and 4,31,780 kids have received workbooks.



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