Pawan's aggression is likely to trouble Chandrababu..!?

* Is Pawan's stubbornness going to trouble Chandrababu?
* How does Pawan raise his voice on public issues?
* Can Pawan speak against Babu?

Assembly meetings are being held for the first time after the new government took office in Andhra Pradesh. At the same time, all the MLAs who won the assembly elections also took oath in the presence of the Protem Speaker. But after the heavy defeat, there are doubts about whether jagan will come to the assembly or not. He also participated in the assembly meeting and took oath as an MLA. But since today he is going on a tour to pulivendula and he is going to stay silent for assembly meetings.
 But in the context of the commencement of the assembly meetings from today, what will be the attitude of the people on public issues? Who is going to speak up and how has become a bit of a hot topic? Currently, Chandrababu has a complete majority in the assembly. tdp won more seats than required to form the government. However, he is moving ahead, justifying the alliance of Jana Sena with bjp parties. Although there is such a majority, it is known that there is only one thing that can cause trouble for Chandrababu in the assembly. That is the style of Pawan Kalyan.

 When he was a movie hero, Pawan entered politics with the intention of giving up a luxurious life and doing something for the people. How many times have people fought on behalf of those who were beaten? They continued to help people even if they did not have any position. Pawan is ready to do whatever it takes to get people in trouble. And now, as an mla in the assembly, he has got the opportunity to fight against public issues together. Some political analysts are of the opinion that Pawan's aggressiveness in fighting on public issues is likely to cause trouble for Chandrababu. Because politics will not work if you stubbornly move forward. Chandrababu, who has 40 years of political experience, knows this very well. But Pawan is not like that, if he is facing public problems, he will go ahead stubbornly on that problem. They do not care about where to decrease and where to increase. With this aggression, Pawan did not have the opportunity to criticize Babu's government's failures at times. Political analysts are of the view that such aggression in Pawan is likely to trouble him and Chandrababu. Let's see what happens.

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