Stepping into the assembly with cm seat only..!?

-Will you leave these values for the chief minister seat?
- What is needed is a chair to handle public issues..?
- Stepping into the assembly only if they get cm post did not work.

Is the seat of the chief minister the ultimate? party leaders have nothing to do with public opinion? Are the leaders writing the judgment they gave? That is, the answer is yes. people are wise. During the elections, they judge who should be ousted and who should be seated in the opposition. This verdict should be followed by any party, any leader. There is no change in this matter. However, the leaders are only going for positions.
In fact, regardless of the numerical strength, many people have served as opposition leaders in the past. Even when there was only one, there were parties that played the role of opposition. Jayaprakash Narayana, who was elected as the only one from the Loksatta party, mentioned the people's issue in the assembly as an effective opposition leader. Even before him, leaders were elected on behalf of communists. They did not reduce their role in the assembly.

But, since 2014, this method has changed. Even though there were 67 MLAs at that time, ycp chief jagan boycotted the assembly. He said that he would come to the assembly as the Chief Minister. He came to power in 2019. YSP leaders have not been seen in the assembly in recent times. Moreover, people's problems are not cared at all. In the assembly, the ruling party acted as the opposition.

Also, tdp, which lost power in 2019, did the same thing. In 2022, Chandrababu also boycotted the assembly saying that they made fun of him. He also said that he would come into the assembly after becoming the CM. Since then, he has recently stepped into the assembly itself. However, disputes went on. No matter how you look at it, ycp and then tdp too, it is said that saying that they will step into the assembly only if they get the post of cm did not work for the assembly.

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