IND vs AUS:  Rain could spoil Australia's semi-final chance..!?

The 2024 t20 world cup series is going to be played between india and Australia. The weather report has released that there is a possibility of rain during this match. Before that, the weather report mentioned that there was a more than 50 percent chance of rain from 7 am to the start of the match. 50 percent chance of rain between 7 am and 10 am. According to the weather report, there is a 32 percent chance of rain from the start of the match to the end of the match. So, it may rain for a few minutes during the match. Also, there is a high chance of rain before the match. If it rains like that, rainwater can accumulate on the ground. It is noteworthy that three matches in the same world cup series have been abandoned due to water logging on the pitch. The Australian team is in a difficult position to win this match. If they lose this match, the chance of the semi-final of the Australian team will be lost. Even if the match is abandoned due to rain, it will be a problem for Australia. So, the absence of rain will be a plus for the Australian team. This ground is generally favorable for batting. Perhaps if it rains, the pitch will turn into a bowler for the next few minutes. Keeping that in mind, the indian team should execute its plans.

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