On monday night, actor janhvi kapoor made her runway debut abroad. The actor participated in the current paris Haute Couture Week 2024 as a model for indian designer rahul Mishra. She donned a black bustier top and a matching sequined mermaid-style skirt to showcase the designer's most recent collection, "Aura." Janhvi stood out from the throng because to the outfit's iridescent skirt and spectacular train.
 In order to highlight her stunning ensemble, Janhvi chose to wear her hair in gentle, flowing waves and wear little makeup. rahul reinterpreted dark mysticism for his latest collection, creating visually striking pieces that play on the audience's senses.

Janhvi is the second actress from bollywood to have walked in an international fashion show for rahul Mishra. ananya Panday debuted at paris Fashion Week earlier this year, showcasing the designer's collection that drew inspiration from insects such as moths and butterflies. Wearing a black mini-dress, the actor dominated the runway while clinging to a gigantic sieve.

As mentioned in one of his instagram posts, rahul described his new collection as something which redefines the physical dimension. He wrote, "As human beings, we have a physical dimension and there's an aura, which is like an extra dimension (sic)."


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