In the state of telangana, the Rose party is facing significant challenges. In the assembly elections held in december 2023, the people of telangana decisively defeated the Rose party, which had been in power from 2014 to 2023. The party, which previously held 39 seats, was reduced to zero seats in the parliament elections.

Leaders within the trs party are defecting to other parties, with many MLAs and MLCs who won on the trs ticket joining the congress party. So far, seven MLAs have switched to congress, and recently, six MLCs did the same. There is also speculation that other prominent leaders may leave the Rose party to join congress or the BJP.

In this context, kcr must make crucial decisions to revive the Rose Party. Strengthening the social media team is essential, and kcr should entrust the responsibility to harish rao, who has a strong mass following in telangana and can appeal to the youth.

KCR's strategies have been effective so far, and he needs to stay involved and lead the party from behind the scenes. Handing over the Rose Party's leadership to harish rao and KTR, while kcr offers advice and guidance, is seen by political analysts as the only way for the Rose party to regain power. Whether kcr will take these steps remains to be seen.

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