Sharmila Vs Kavitha: Who has more marks..?

- kavitha is ahead of sharmila in terms of titles.
- KCR's daughter kavitha in corruption allegations..?
- Sharmila's aggression as YSR's daughter..!

Former telangana chief minister KCR's daughter kavitha played a vital role in taking a state party forward in parallel. kavitha played a very important role in uniting the women by forming a subsidiary unit named telangana Jagruti even from the time of the telangana movement. She became more popular as telangana Jagruti than as KCR's daughter. Many movements were made. There is no doubt in saying that telangana Jagruti Sanghas were formed at the rural level, mandal level, and even at the town level and they took the lead in mobilizing women for the rise of the telangana movement. But it is known to all that those who looked at the power, thought that there would be no turning back. One wrong step put kavitha in jail. kavitha is now languishing in jail in a suffocating condition due to the liquor scandal that came to light in Delhi. Due to this, Kavitha's efforts to come out, even through her father's leverage and Anna KTR, were unsuccessful.
In fact, if she had not made this one mistake, she would have had undisputed dominance as a woman leader in telangana today. It is known to all that kavitha lit up both the ruling class and the people as an unstoppable leader even after coming to power from the State. kavitha was shocked due to allegations that she was involved in the liquor scam in delhi, 100 crores of rupees were moved, and organizations like cbi and ED accused her of trying to file a basket of evidence. It is a fact that as much fame as it has gained, it has also been shrouded in infamy. In this background, there was a situation where Kavita had to face difficulties before her political rise. Also, it is a fact that YS sharmila, the daughter of YS Rajasekhar Reddy, who made her political debut a little later than Kavitha, is playing a very important role. Before 2014, she entered politics on behalf of the congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress party and made a long journey. Later in 2019, she played a key role in the formation of the congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress party government in Andhra Pradesh.

After that, it could be the political differences with Anna, it could be personal problems. In total, she distanced herself from ap politics and started her own party in Telangana. After that due to political affairs, calls from congress party leadership, etc. now the ap congress factions are taking over and moving forward towards strengthening the party. If you look at the similarities between kavitha and sharmila here, both of them grew up as children of their father's fame. They entered politics with the inheritance of their father. But kavitha is ahead in terms of taking positions. sharmila is still waiting for such an opportunity. But if we compare sharmila with Kavitha, it should be said that sharmila is ahead of kavitha as a leader who has no other allegations, be it in terms of taking up positions or being honest. She played a key role in defeating her own government in the recent elections in Andhra Pradesh. Traveled across the state. Many allegations were made. Many criticisms have been made. She achieved what she wanted. She was satisfied that justice had prevailed over injustice.

This may be personally satisfying to her. But even politically, her aggression has become a situation where no one can deny it. Although the local leaders did not like her behavior in the congress, sharmila succeeded in pleasing the party leadership. With this, the congress leadership also brushed aside the criticism that sharmila ignored them in the recent elections. It is understandable that sharmila is in a much better position compared to kavitha by handing over the reins of the party and even announcing that she will be the chief ministerial candidate of the congress party in the 2029 elections by saying that they will support her from delhi to Telangana. sharmila may not get the posts by now. But the future is clearly on her side.  Apart from avoiding the accusations against her, she will have to prove her innocence to the telangana community. Overall kavitha and Sharmila's positivity is lost.

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