Jaishankar blasts the hypocrisy of the Western Media...

External Affairs minister S jaishankar has been a successful diplomat before entering politics. His foreign policy is considered iron. During an event, he revealed the name of the world's biggest diplomat. people are surprised to hear the statement he has given. He remembered Ramayana and Mahabharata on foreign policy.

People are surprised to hear what Foreign minister jaishankar said in pune on the occasion of the release of the Marathi translation of his book 'The india Way' 'Bharat Marg'. While answering the questions of the people, he said something on which a new debate can start. His statement on world diplomacy is going viral on social media.

Why is S Jaishankar's statement going viral?

Foreign minister S jaishankar said, 'The biggest diplomat was one Shri krishna and one was Hanuman. If you look at him from the perspective of diplomacy, what was the situation he was in, what was the mission given to him, and how did he handle it? Introducing his intelligence, Hanuman went so far ahead that he went ahead of the target and met Sita devi and also burnt Lanka. Took the news of the whole of Lanka. What a diplomat he was a multipurpose diplomat.

Why did S jaishankar remember Mahabharata?

Foreign minister S jaishankar said, 'Just think, today's world is multipolar. What was happening in the field of Kurukshetra at that time? There were different states, everyone was told that you are with them, you are with me. Those without factions like Balram were also present at that time. We also say that it is a global world, these are the constraints. 

Arjun had problem since he was emotionally attached to other people. 
He was considering how he should combat his relatives.
Sometimes we say that pakistan did this, did that, come on, we show strategic patience. The best example of brilliant diplomacy is Lord Krishna.

Why can there be an uproar?

There is a section in the opposition which beliefs in secular policy. He wants that people sitting on constitutional posts should not give such statements, which are related to any particular religion. Hanuman and krishna are Hindu deities. Now there can be an uproar from the opposition on this statement.

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