China has  introduced lockdown to the world. Now with that lock down, it is facing rebellion from the people. In China, people are screaming about the lockdown. Protesting the actions of the government, they took to the streets together and rebelled against the government. With this, the Chinese Communist government was shocked. Corona cases are booming again in China. Due to this, the Chinese government is again imposing a lockdown in many places. 

Due to the increase in corona cases in the Jinjiang region, the government has imposed a lockdown and implemented strict restrictions for the past 100 days. Now the same Chinese government is sinking its horn. The people who are fed up with this lockdown are protesting against the government and coming to the streets. Ten people lost their lives in a fire in a residential apartment in Urumqi, the largest city in northwest China's Xinjiang region. This incident made people angry there. 

People think that they lost their lives because of the imposition of the lockdown. Due to the lockdown, the relief measures were delayed and so many people lost their lives. Demanding immediate lifting of this lockdown, the people of the place came to the streets together with the lockdown restrictions and rebelled against the government. Thousands of people took to the streets demanding an immediate lifting of the lockdown. People lit large candles and prayed for the souls of the dead to rest in peace. Surprised by this unexpected incident, the Chinese government tried to disperse the people there with its forces. Police used pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

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