Often drinking ice water in the sun? Side-effects?

In summer we drink cold water from the fridge to cool off the heat. But is this habit good for health? It can be seen here. Water is very important for us to live healthily. That too in summer, ice water is the choice of many people to soothe the throat. But according to experts, drinking cold water (ice water) is harmful to health. Here are the side effects of drinking cold water in summer. Frequent drinking of cold water to soothe the sun increases the chances of sore throat and nasal congestion. Especially after eating, drinking cold water can lead to excessive mucus production in the respiratory tract and various inflammatory diseases. So avoid drinking cold water as much as possible.


Drinking cold water has been shown to lower heart rates. The nerves in the head are controlled by drinking cold water. It lowers the heart rate.

Digestive problem:

Drinking too much cold water can cause vasoconstriction. It disturbs digestion. Cold water regulates the stomach. Difficulty digesting after eating. The digestive system is affected quickly by cold water.
Weight gain:

The habit of drinking cold water makes it difficult for the body to burn stored fat. For those trying to lose weight, avoid drinking cold water.

tooth sensitive:

Drinking cold water can cause various problems like tooth sensitivity, difficulty chewing, or difficulty in drinking any other drink. Drink normal room temperature water frequently to avoid any problems.
Decreased immunity:

Drinking cold water in the fridge will lower your immunity. Try to drink plain water even in summer. By doing this you can avoid some diseases.

Headache, sinus prone:

Immediately after drinking cold water on the bridge, can have a bad effect on the brain. Consuming this often can cause brain clot problems. Chilled water cools the spinal nerves. This affects the brain. This causes headaches and sinus problems.
Increases body fat:

Drinking water in excess will harden the fat stored in the body and make it difficult to break down unwanted fat. Hence it is better to drink plain water half an hour before or half an hour after eating. It is not advisable to drink water immediately after or before meals. Be careful.

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