New bacteria created panic in Japan...?

A very dangerous disease has come to the fore in Japan. According to reports, people are falling ill with a rare "flesh-eating bacteria" and people are dying within 48 hours. So far a total of 977 cases of this disease have been reported in the country. According to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, this number is more than the record 941 cases recorded last year. This institution has been monitoring the incidence of this disease since 1999.

Know what are the symptoms of this disease?

Rare flesh-eating bacteria-Group A Streptococcus or GAS - generally cause inflammation and sore throat. However, according to Bloomberg, in some cases, the bacteria can lead to rapidly developing symptoms, including pain and swelling in the limbs, fever and low blood pressure. This can cause necrosis and breathing problems in the infected person. Apart from this, he may also die.

Ken Kikuchi, professor of infectious diseases at tokyo Women's Medical University, said, "Most deaths occur within 48 hours. For example, if a patient notices swelling in the leg in the morning, it can spread to the knee by afternoon. He may die within 48 hours of this."

This appeal was made to the people

Professor Ken Kikuchi further said, given the current rate of infection, the number of cases in japan this year can reach 2,500. Apart from this, 30 per cent of people can die from this disease.

Anyone can get this disease

According to the US CDC, anyone can get STSS, but adults 65 years of age or older are at the highest risk. The US CDC said that this risk increases even more in those who keep their injury open.

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