Bihar's predicament and the power of caste politics...

In many indian states, the caste system has a totalitarian hold over politics. Using it as an example, bihar is the best name possible. bihar is a striking example of how caste politics can ensnare the regular people of a state and lead to their inevitable misery. As of right now, bihar is the nation's most backward state. The fact that the people there are involved in caste politics is the main cause of this.

Caste has been the most significant factor in bihar politics since the state's independence. The situation is mostly unchanged even now. For years, the leaders of the Congress, RJD, JDU, BJP, and LJP have kept the people of bihar politically imprisoned within the caste system. While this feature exists in other states as well, bihar is the only one where it is fully prevalent.

This explains why development is never the main topic of discussion during bihar elections. The state's citizens also desire equality of treatment in public life, regardless of caste. In reality, though, political parties and their leaders forbid this from occurring. Due to these gaps left by some political parties, the people of bihar are once more compelled to cast their votes based on caste in accordance with party ideologies.

The caste census in bihar has made news over the past year. Under the guise of a caste survey, the administration of nitish kumar provides caste statistics in Bihar. RJD was a component of the state government at the time. Because of caste prejudice, the people of bihar were already made to suffer greatly from division and stagnation. Following the poll completed the previous year, caste feelings in bihar have once again given rise to a new period of political and social discord and animosity. In rural places, this kind of propensity has grown stronger.

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