Why do feel Sleepiness After Lunch?

Most of the people get sleep after having food, many people have problem of sleeping in the afternoon, if you are working in office and sleep after lunch then there is problem. There is a right time to fall asleep, but if you feel sleepy after eating, then there is a reason behind it too.

What is the Cause of Sleepiness?

In the afternoon, our food is slightly heavier than the rest of the time and due to this sleep hormones are formed. Actually, when we eat food then our body produces more insulin and the sugar level increases, which gives signals to the brain and produces serotonin and melatonin hormones. Both hormones cause more sleep.

Melatonin is a hormone related to sleep and as soon as it is produced, everyone gets more sleep. If you fall asleep soon after having a meal in the afternoon, drinking green tea can help you stay awake. So try not to make food heavy in the afternoon.

How to Ignore Sleep? Keep these things in Mind...

Eyes can be washed with cold water.

Can drink green tea.

Avoid eating heavy food.

Eat less and have less sweet things.

Follow correct meal times.

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